Climate conference COP28

Putting resilience at the heart of COP28

COP28 convenes in the United Arab Emirates in November and December 2023. Photo: UN Climate Change/Kiara Worth via Flickr.

Stockholm Resilience Centre will host and join a range of activities at COP28. The participation is done in close collaboration with the Global Resilience Partnership and our development programme SwedBio

Researchers and experts will be involved on-site and digitally in a long list of activities during COP28, held in Dubai from November 30 to December 12. The meeting is the world’s highest decision-making body on climate issues. This year, it will be the first global stocktake of the Paris Agreement.

The Centre’s focus at COP28 is to engage participants with resilience and sustainability research, ensuring informed dialogues and negotiations between NGOs, policymakers, and business leaders. Joining the meeting live are Cibele Queiroz, Laura Pereira, Ashanapuri Hertz, and Johan Rockström. Participating digitally are Lan Wang-Erlandsson and Lisen Schultz.

The Centre’s joint focus areas are:

  • Climate resilience from social-ecological perspectives (Mitigation, Adaptation, Transformation)
  • Sustainable food, ocean, and freshwater systems
  • Just and inclusive transformation

Resilience Hub

When: 30 November – 12 December
Where: Physical pavilion in Blue Zone and virtual platform
About: With 9 tracks and 70+ sessions The Resilience Hub provides a space to accelerate the actions needed to build resilience to the global climate crisis. The Global Resilience Partnership is one of the managing partners of the hub, the Centre hosts the food theme. Register here »

The Centre will host and lead two panel discussions at the Resilience Hub:

  1. "Local actions for transformative change at the nexus between food, climate and conflict", held 6 December 12.00–13.00 (GMT+4). Led by Cibele Queiroz with co-leading from Near East Foundation, World Bank and Winrock International.
  2. “Transformative leverage and intervention points for climate and biosphere resilience” in the Water and Natural Ecosystems theme of the Resilience Hub at COP28, held 11 December 12.00–13.00 (GMT+4). Led by Lan Wang-Erlandsson.

Report launch: 10NICS 2023: New Insights in Climate Science

When: 4 December, 14:30–15:30 (GMT+4)
Where: Arizona State University Pavilion, Blue Zone
About: The report New Insights in Climate Science will be released during COP – offering a state-of-the-art update on climate science. Centre researcher Laura Pereira is a co-author of the report and will join Centre professor Johan Rockström in an Earth League and Global Futures Laboratory panel discussing the report.

Report launch: Global Tipping Points

When: 6 December, 10.00 (GMT+4)
Where: TBA
About: The Global Tipping Points report aims to provide an assessment of the risks and opportunities of both negative and positive tipping points in the Earth system and society. It’s led by professor Tim Lenton from the University of Exeter’s Global Systems Institute with the support of more than 200 experts, including a range of Centre researchers: Steven Lade, David Armstrong-McKay, Jonathan Donges, Thorsten Blenckner, Susa Niiranen, Juan Rocha, Azucena Castro, and Laura Pereira.


SwedBio will attend COP28 as observer – mainly on the Global Stocktake (GST), Just Transition Work Programme and the Global Goal on Adaptation, meeting partners and collaborators on site. SwedBio will co-convene two events:

  1. "Unlocking climate finance for communities in fragile and conflict-affected situations", an official side event on climate finance
    When: 4 December, 16:45 (GMT+4)
    Where: SE Room 2, on-site in Dubai
    About: Communities in fragile and conflict-affected situations are most seriously affected by the climate crisis, which is in addition to extremes in poverty, instability, and insecurity. This event will highlight options to implement tailored, adaptive and accessible finance, overcoming low donor risk appetite and restrictive monitoring.
  2. "Rights-centered climate and biodiversity action in practice"
    When: December 9th, 16:15 (GMT+4)
    Where: 5th Capacity-building Hub within COP28 (Blue zone) or online
    About: This capacity-building event at COP28 aims to facilitate knowledge exchange between various stakeholders, including states and business representatives, and empower rights holders with tools, practices, and best practices, grounded in people-centered, rights-based, participatory approaches.

In addition, Swedbio will participate in various side events at the margin of the COP28, as well as to provide support to and/or meet with SwedBio’s partner organisations. SwedBio will also speak at two events at the Climate Live Pavilion at COP28:

  • “Sustaining life – Water, Agriculture and climate resilience”, 10 December, 9:30 – 10:30 (GMT+4)
  • ”Sustainable Food Systems Panel Discussion”, 10 December, 14:00 – 15:00 (GMT+4)

Fairtrans at We Don’t Have Time COP27 Climate Hub

When: 11 December, 10.30–11.15 (GMT+4)
Title: ”The Swedish Model – a superpower for a fair transformation?
About: The Centre researchers involved in the research programme Fairtrans will be featured on the platform of We Don’t Have Time in a live broadcast from the COP28 hub venue in Stockholm. The focus for Fairtrans is hosting a panel, with Lisen Schultz and leaders from unions and companies that have participated in Stockholm Resilience Centre’s executive programme.

Explore the COP27 Climate Hub here »

South African Pavilion

When: 8th December, 9am – 10am
Title: ” African Science for the African Position panel”
About: Stockholm Resilience Centre with researcher Laura Pereira, Cibele Queiroz, Patricia Pinho, and Odirilwe Selomane, will lead this panel as a part of the South Africa Pavilion.

The Business Sweden Pavilion

The centre is a knowledge partner to the Sweden’s COP28 business delegation pavilion. Centre researchers like Victor Galaz is a member of the delegation’s science advisory council. Sign up here to join as a digital guest and get access to the live streams and recordings of sessions »

Published: 2023-11-28

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