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Profile summary

  • Marine ecosystems
  • Food web dynamics
  • Ecological modelling
  • Multiple drivers
  • Environmental change
  • Baltic Sea
  • Arctic marine systems

Susa Niiranen’s research focuses on change in marine ecosystems that is driven by multiple environmental and anthropogenic stressors

Niiranen looks at marine food web dynamics and how they respond to changes in multiple environmental and anthropogenic stressors. She uses modelling as her research tool and is currently working with a size-structured food web modelling approach in a Baltic Sea Bonus project BlueWebs. Her recent research also includes study of cross-scale dynamics in Arctic marine systems. Niiranen is a co-lead of the Marine Theme at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Niiranen has a PhD in marine ecology from the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences (DEEP) at the Stockholm University. For her PhD research she studied how multiple interacting drivers affect the dynamics of Baltic Sea food web. She holds an MSc in hydrobiology from the University of Helsinki and worked at the former Finnish Institute of Marine Research and the Baltic Nest Institute before her becoming a post-doctoral researcher at the SRC. While at SRC, she has worked in projects GreenMAR, INSPIRE, and BlueWebs.

Niiranen participates actively in the work of the International Council of the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) expert groups such as the Working Group on the integrated assessment of the Baltic Sea (WGIAB) and Working Group on Comparative Analysis between European Atlantic and Mediterranean marine ecosystems (COMEDA).

Yosr Ammar, PhD candidate

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