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Independent courses

First level courses (Undergraduate)

Världens eko 7.5hp - a basic introduction course to sustainable development in Swedish

Stockholm Business School offers a Bachelor programme in Business, Ethics and Sustainability to which the SRC is contributing the following independent courses:

  • Sustainability Science I 15 hp. This course lays the foundations of sustainability, presents key debates, and explores ways forward, with a particular emphasis on business and sustainable development.
  • Sustainability Science II 15 hp. The course advances the knowledge and skills gained during Sustainability Science I, and introduces resilience thinking for sustainable development, and discusses "corporate biosphere stewardship".

Ekologisk ekonomi 7.5hp. The purpose of this course is to clarify which tools are avaiable within national economics (environmental economics) and ecological economics to promote a transformation of our global economic system. The course is given in Swedish and hosted at the Department of Physical Geography while mostly run by SRC staff.

Second level courses (Graduate)

Introduction to Sustainability Science 7.5 hp

Students can take two of courses on the Master programme in Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development as independent courses:

Internship (Traineeship course or Thesis supervision)

It is possible to do an internship at the Stockholm Resilience Centre if you seek supervision for a thesis project or a traineeship course as part of your degree. Unpaid work experience in general cannot be accommodated though. If you would like to do an internship at the SRC, please contact the person(s) that you are interested in working with directly. We recommend you provide the following to allow a potential supervisor to see how you can contribute to ongoing activities:

  • What topics and activities you are interested in,
  • What relevant skills and/ or experience you have,
  • What time period you would like to do your internship,
  • CV.

Note: The optional course “Traineeship in Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development” (7.5 ECTS) is for SERSD Master’s programme students only.

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