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Using art to challenge energy paradigms

The artwork 'Algas Verdes' (Mestizo 2023), showing the artist pouring the algae liquid. Photo courtesy of Hamilton Mestizo.

How can artistic practices multiply our understanding of energy transitions? And how can they contribute to more equitable and just energy futures?

These are two core questions in a recent article co-authored by Center Postdoctoral Researcher Azucena Castro and Ph.D. candidate Veronica Olofsson with a group of international co-authors, published at Tapuya. Latin American Science, Technology and Society. In the current global energy crisis, the co-authors argue that contemporary Latin American art challenges dominant energy paradigms. It does so by employing citizen/community science, co-designs with human and non-human agents, and artist-participant collaborations in specific localities. This research unpacks how Latin American artistic practices weave new stories around energy transitions, stimulating reflections on energy and technological sovereignty in tune with territories and communities for situated energy justice.

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Published: 2024-04-22


Castro, A., Ponce de León, A., Cantera, A.L., Olofsson, V. & Reina-Rozo, J.D. 2024. Energy sovereignty storytelling: Art practices, community-led transitions, and territorial futures in Latin America. Tapuya: Latin American Science, Technology and Society, 7(1).


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