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Strategic advisory councils

In addition to its board, the centre has two councils which provides additional strategic support when it comes to scientific development and impact within business, policy and practice

Our ambition is not only to advance transdisciplinary science, but also to shape it. Our approach builds on openly sharing ideas, and discussing them in teams with very diverse knowledge, skills, and disciplinary backgrounds. From this comes new scientific insights. We operate as an international convener of science, policy, and practice, business and the arts, as well as in education and executive training. To maintain and develop such a role requires close collaboration with stakeholders that can provide important strategic advice and feedback to our work.

As part of this the centre has established two separate advisory councils that provide strategic advice about our research and interaction with business, policy and practice:

1. The International Scientific Advisory Council (ISAC)

The International Scientific Advisory Council is a body of internationally leading researchers providing strategic advice and guidance on:

  • the scientific development and direction of the SRC
  • the role of the SRC in forming international research frontiers in sustainability science,
  • the scientific networks and collaborations worldwide of the SRC
  • research experiments in the science-policy-practice interface (transdisciplinary science) performed by the SRC

The composition and membership of ISAC is formally decided by the SRC board. Members are committed to a three-year period with possibility for re-election. Members are often engaged in diverse ways in the activities of the SRC. ISAC meets at least once a year.

Click here to read more about the current members of ISAC

2. The International Advisory Board (IAB)

The International Advisory Board consists of leaders in business and policy and provides strategic advice on e.g.:

  • SRC efforts to connect knowledge to action towards global sustainability, particularly in business and policy
  • SRC's participation in networks and platforms shaping business and policy worldwide
    research experiments in the science-policy-business interface performed by the SRC

The composition and membership for IAB is formally decided by the SRC director. Members are invited based on their expertise, experience, influence and commitment to global sustainability and science. The board meets once a year.

Click here to read more about the current members of IAB

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