Vision and mission

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Our vision is a thriving and resilient biosphere that enables well-being for all.

Our mission is to:

• Advance the scientific understanding of the complex, dynamic interactions of people and nature in the biosphere,

• train the next generation of sustainability researchers and leaders, and

• engage in collaborations with change agents.

Our vision and mission are accompanied by a set of underlying principles, as well as a collection of values and practices that guide the work culture:

• People and nature are deeply intertwined, co-evolve, and behave as complex adaptive systems.
• Many patterns, processes and dynamics of the Anthropocene are novel and must be better understood.
• Biosphere stewardship can enable transformation towards resilient, sustainable, and just futures.

Organizational values and practices that define our working culture:
• scientific rigor and integrity underpin all our work
• a collaborative, trust-based and creative working culture enables us to achieve impact
• learning, experimentation and reflection are promoted in all our activities
• diversity, inclusion, and care are principles championed across the organization

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