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Key Concepts

How food connects all the SDGs

This model represents new way of viewing the Sustainable Development Goals and how they are all linked to food. It calls for a shift away from the current sectorial approach where social, economic, and ecological development are seen as separate parts. Instead we must transition toward a logic where the economy serves society so that it evolves within the safe operating space of the planet.

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Research at Stockholm Resilience Centre

Stockholm Resilience Centre is internationally recognised for its transdisciplinary research. It advances the understanding of complex social-ecological systems and generates new insights and development to improve ecosystem management practices and long-term sustainability. Read more >>

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Study with us!

Stockholm Resilience Centre offers different interdisciplinary courses on both Master's and PhD level while also offering indenpendent courses. More >>


Policy and practice engagement

The Stockholm Resilience Centre's engagement in science-policy-practice activities has increased steadily over the years, partly as a result of the increasing number of invitations for centre researchers to participate in activities. These activities range from high-level UN dialogues to local resilience assessments. More >>


  • Carl Folke on natural capital, resilience and biosphere stewardship Carl Folke on natural capital, resilience and biosphere stewardship Lecture at the Molecular Frontiers Symposium "Planet Earth: A Scientific Journey", at Stockholm University May 9-10, 2019.
  • The big picture on a Hothouse Earth The big picture on a Hothouse Earth Introduction by Johan Rockström at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2019
  • Dealing with ocean acidification Dealing with ocean acidification Ambio article looks at how legal, political, and economic structures in society are contributing to ocean acidification and how society has responded to its impacts.
  • Svensk lansering av EAT Lancet-rapporten Svensk lansering av EAT Lancet-rapporten Rapporten första i sitt slag som på global nivå kvantifierar hur stor omställning som behövs för att livsmedelssystemet ska kunna bli både bra för människors hälsa och hållbart för planeten

Seminars & Events

Seminar and events

Stockholm Resilience Centre presents on a regular basis seminars on sustainable development, presented by world-leading scientists. See all events >>

Stockholm Seminars

These high-level seminars offer a broad range of perspectives on sustainability issues and are free and open to the public. More >>

Stockholm Resilience Centre is a collaboration between Stockholm University and the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

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