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There are currently no vacancies at the centre

Postdoctoral fellow to project NetAdopt (apply by 2 Dec 2023)

We seek an enthusiastic and committed Post Doctoral Research Fellow to join us in the research project "NetAdopt - Uncovering the social dynamics of environmental change across scales: The local, regional and global human networks influencing adoption to sustainable practices in food production systems".

The successful candidate will investigate the mechanisms of how social networks influence adoption decisions in coffee regions of Colombia.

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Two postdoctoral fellows in Earth System Analysis (apply by 7 Jan 2024)

The positions involve research on the Earth system directed primarily towards advancing the assessment of interactions between the planetary boundaries. One position will be model-focused: running and using output from Earth system models. The other position will be data-focused: using novel methods on Earth system data.

The positions are an exciting opportunity to be part of a team leveraging Earth system science for transformative change towards sustainability.

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Related info

We announce PhD positions four times per year. For 2023 the periods are:

16 January - 5 February
2 – 23 April
20 August - 10 September
15 October - 5 November

Please note that if no announcement is made, no posititions are made available for the specific period.

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