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Greentopia: music and sports events,
a highway to sustainability?

Per Olsson talking at Greentopia.

"The potential sustainability impact for music and sports events is immense," says Centre researcher Per Olsson. Photo: Greentopia

Can music and sports events help societal transformations toward sustainability? During one of Sweden's premier festivals, Way Out West, the Centre co-hosts a climate summit to help answer that question.

'Greentopia' brings together researchers, artists, business and civil society leaders to discuss how the event industry can provide models for regions, cities, and sectors to adopt new values and perceptions, rules and regulations and practices and behaviors.

"Every year, sports and music events attract millions of people in Sweden. These events can serve as influential drivers in inspiring and expediting society's transition toward sustainability," says Per Olsson, Deputy Science Director and Associate Professor at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

On stage world-leading artists like José Gonzalez, Sara Parkman, and Simon Stålenhag, scientists such as Kevin Noone, event organizers like Sami Grand Prix, Roskilde Festival and the Swedish Bookfair, as well as representatives from Skistar, Spotify, Greenpeace, Locker Room Talk and Climate Live, discussed issues of inclusive and societal transformations needed to deal with climate change.

"The potential sustainability impact for music and sports event is immense, given the industry's substantial influence, the trust and commitment of millions of attendees, and the abundant opportunities to accelerate sustainability transformations," says Per Olsson.

Furthermore, Olsson emphasizes that Greentopia at Way Out West highlights the role of festivals as hubs for creativity and experimentation. They serve as platforms for fostering new conversations and relationships among change-makers, and for connecting cutting-edge science on transformations with the cutting-edge transformation in practice.

Greentopia is organized by LiveGreen, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Svensk Live, Göteborg & Co and Way Out West.

The next Greentopia at Way Out West is set to take place from 8-10 August 2024.

Published: 2024-04-24

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