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  • Social-ecological change, novelty and tipping points
  • Climate impacts and ocean health
  • Theoretical system thinking
  • Marine ecology
  • Statistical and mechanistic modelling
  • Ecosystem-based management

Thorsten Blenckner´s research vision is to contribute to a sustainable world by advancing and integrating science using quantitative approaches in a social-ecological system context

His current research is in developing and using advanced quantitative analysis and modeling tools to analyse the dynamics of marine systems. Blenckner focuses on further developing theoretical thinking of resilience, tipping points, novelty and ocean health through quantitative analysis of system responses to changes in climate and human activities.

He has experiences in field sampling (physical to biological parameters), quantitative experiments (large-scale mesocosm), laboratory (background lab technician), long-term statistical data analysis and ecosystem modeling in combination with synthesis and integration of social and ecological research findings and analysis in an overarching systems and management perspective.

Blenckner applies methods and techniques such as: time-series analysis (like Generalized Additive Modelling and its threshold variant), tipping point analyses (e.g. change point analysis), novelty analysis (dissimilarity methods), food-web modelling (e.g. Ecopath) and ocean health analysis (Ocean Health Index).

Blenckner holds a MSc in Biology and a PhD and docent in limnology. He is leading or involved in many international projects such as the EU project COMFORT on climate-induced tipping points, the Baltic Health Index and a FORMAS project on cumulative impacts in the Baltic Sea.

Blenckner has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles in both natural and interdisciplinary science journals. He is a Visiting Fellow of the National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis (NCEAS) University of California, US. Since January 2021 he is a member of the European Marine Board of coastal resilience and the IMBeR Science Steering Committee.

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