We co-create knowledge with communities, organisations, governments, corporations and artists

Stockholm Resilience Centre develops partnerships around the world to advance science for a liveable planet. Together we address the sustainability challenges facing humanity.

The emerging social-ecological challenges of the Anthropocene, such as water scarcity, climate change, food insecurity and biodiversity loss, are interconnected and influenced by a range of drivers.

Solving these sustainability problems requires collaborations between researchers and non-academic actors, recognising a range of perspectives, knowledge, and expertise. We are happy that our science is contributing to guiding sustainable development around the world.

We collaborate with farmers, fishers, chefs, non-governmental organisations, municipalities, national governments, the European Parliament, UN agencies, community elders, human rights groups, and global development aid organisations. We work with start-up companies and entrepreneurs as well as with some of the largest transnational corporations in the world.

This diverse interaction provides us with a deep understanding of multiple knowledge systems and approaches. It is instrumental for designing our research, identifying problems and examining possible solutions. We understand more of the world and can ask more informed questions. We get access to better data and can develop novel concepts and approaches that shape our investigations. Our collaborations make us better sustainability scientists. We seek solutions through constructive discussion and mutual respect between science, policy, industry and communities.