Wang Erlandsson





Profile summary

  • Water resilience
  • Moisture recycling
  • Land-use change
  • Water planetary boundaries
  • SDG interactions

Lan Wang Erlandsson is a postdoctoral researcher focusing on the large-scale interactions between land, water, and climate, and their implications for resilience

Wang Erlandsson studies the role of water for social-ecological and Earth system resilience. What is the role of land-use for sustaining the water cycle? How does water provide resilience for society and ecosystems at the local to global scale? What are the synergies and trade-offs between land, climate, and water related policy interventions?

She explores these questions as coordinator of the project “Ripples of Resilience: navigating cross-scale SDG interactions of water, land, and climate within planetary boundaries” and member of the “Earth Resilience in Anthropocene” research team.

She works quantitatively with models and data analyses, as well as qualitatively with conceptual developments related to, for example, social dynamics of moisture recycling and water resilience functions. For simulations of the water cycle, she uses the global hydrological model STEAM that she developed during her PhD studies (Wang-Erlandsson et al., 2014), and the atmospheric moisture tracking model Water Accounting Model-2layers (WAM-2layers) (Van der Ent et al. 2010, 2014).

Wang Erlandsson earned her PhD degree in global hydrology from Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands) in September 2017 from her thesis titled “Root for Rain: towards understanding land-use change impacts on the water cycle”. Her MSc degree in Civil Engineering and Natural Resources Management is from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden). Wang Erlandsson also has experience from an internship at Stockholm Environment Institute, and worked as an environmental consultant in Sweden. Before joining SRC, Wang was a Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) postdoctoral fellow at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (Kyoto, Japan).

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