The problem of fit between ecosystems and institutions: Ten years later

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The policy implications of environmental change.

This is a transdisciplinary update of a seminal article on “the problem of fit" between ecosystems and institutions, written ten years ago by Carl Folke, Lowell Pritchard Jr., Fikret Berkes, Johan Colding, and Uno Svedin. 

- We look at the mis-match between the planet´s biophysical systems and our institutions through a “resilience lens", concentrating on the capacity of institutions and broader governance mechanisms to deal with environmental change as linked to societal dynamics and to reorganize after unforeseen impacts, the five Centre researchers write.

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Link to centre authors: Colding, Johan, Folke, Carl, Svedin, Uno
Publication info: Folke, C., L. Pritchard, F. Berkes, J. Colding and U. Svedin. 2007. The Problem of Fit Between Ecosystems and Institutions: Ten Years Later. Ecology and Society 12(1): 30. [online] URL:


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