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Centre researcher Juan Rocha elected into Young Academy of Sweden

Juan Rocha’s research focuses on understanding critical transitions: from regime shifts in ecological systems to collective action in society. Picture: Cecilia Nordstrand & Johannes Ernstberger.

Centre researcher Juan Rocha joins the Young Academy of Sweden, a junior version of the prestigious Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, for a five-year term

“I’m honoured to become part of the Young Academy. This is going to be an extremely valuable opportunity for connecting to, and learning from, the brilliant minds that make up this group. I believe that the complex challenges humankind is facing require groundbreaking research across disciplines, and the academy is an excellent place to foster such dialogue,” says Juan Rocha.

Juan Rocha’s research focuses on the causes and consequences of regime shifts globally. He researches causalities that can bind together different regime shifts, and potentially amplifies their effects and risks.

“I’m deeply interested in how businesses, financial actors, cities and countries are exposed to tipping point risks. I believe that we can support all kinds of actors in taking better care of their ecosystems if we foster awareness of where and how regime shifts can happen,” explains Juan Rocha.

The Young Academy of Sweden was founded in May 2011 at the initiative of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science and is funded by the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation. The purpose of the academy is to create a transdisciplinary forum and a platform for science-policy dialogues for the most prominent young scientists in Sweden, across all disciplines.

A young scientist is regarded as someone who was awarded a PhD less than ten years ago. Members are elected for a period of five years, and the selection criteria are scientific excellence and a demonstrated interest in the issues related to the academy’s mission.

Juan Rocha is the second Centre researcher to join the academy. Between 2012 and 2017, Beatrice Crona was one of its members.

Published: 2023-06-01

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