Centre researcher Beatrice Crona, an expert on resource governance within marine related issues, has been elected to the Young Academy of Sweden. The Academy was founded in May 2011 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science.

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New member of the Young Academy of Sweden

Centre researcher Beatrice Crona one of six new members

Centre researcher Beatrice Crona has been elected to the the Young Academy of Sweden.

As a member, Beatrice will pursue issues relating to transdisciplinary research and how this can be further promoted within university structures which tend to be structured primarily around disciplines.

"I believe that transdisciplinary research efforts will become critical for our ability to understand and solve many of the complex issues facing society as a whole and our capacity to ensure sustainable development. I also see The Young Academy of Sweden as an important platform for promoting a dialogue around the conditions and career opportunities for young researchers in Sweden," she says.

About the Academy
The Young Academy of Sweden (YAS) was founded in May 2011 at the initiative of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science and is funded by the Ragnar Söderberg foundation. The purpose of YAS is to create a transdisciplinary forum and a platform for science-policy dialogues for the most prominent young scientists in Sweden, across all disciplines.

A young scientist is regarded as someone who was awarded their PhD less than 10 years ago. Members are elected for a period of five years and the selection criteria is scientific excellence and a demonstrated interest in the issues related to the YAS mission.

Published: 2012-06-12

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Beatrice Crona has a PhD in Marine Ecotoxicology/Natural Resource Management. Her research can be broadly divided into three strands: learning and knowledge systems in natural resources governance, social networks in natural resource governance, and social-ecological feedbacks and traps — with particular focus on small-scale fisheries.


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