Centre contributes to Vatican conference on climate resilience

Aerial view of the Vatican city

Aerial view of the Vatican city. Photo: Dan V/ Unsplash

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences will bring researchers, policy makers and faith leaders together to understand the scientific and societal challenges of climate change


Centre deputy director Victor Galaz is one of the researchers invited to the Vatican City in Rome to take part in a conference on exploring solutions for enabling resilient people and resilient ecosystems.

Other contributors include centre collaborators Jane Lubchenco and Hans Joachim Schellnhuber.

The conference, entitled Resilience of people and ecosystems under climate pressure, will take place 13-14 July.

“Our goal for this new PAS initiative is to bring resilience to center stage of climate summits and protect people and ecosystem from unavoidable climate extremes in the coming decades,” the conference brief says.

“One of our central concerns is the welfare of vulnerable populations, almost three billion, in the world.”

The role of financial institutions

Victor Galaz will present key aspects of the recent report on how economic and financial institutions can contribute to a just future.

“The world’s largest investors are crowd-funding a dangerous climate future,” Galaz said at the launch of the report during the recent Stockholm+50 summit (2-3 June 2022).

The outcomes of the conference will include declaration and a conference proceeding published by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. The proceedings will contain the declaration and written summaries of the papers presented at the workshop.

Read more about the conference here

Published: 2022-06-28

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