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"A global partnership for ocean health"

Johan Rockström and leader of the Norwegian Labour party Jonas Gahr Störe call for better management of the world oceans, essential to protect future food supplies


In an op-ed recently published in Hufftington Post, centre director Johan Rockström and Jonas Gahr Störe, member of Parliament, and leader of the Norwegian Labour Party, call for new and concerted measures to better manage the world oceans.

In the op-ed, published as part of the 2016 EAT Stockholm Food Forum, Rockström and Störe argue that we must stop taking the health of the oceans for granted because they are key to the future of food production, shipping and renewable energy.

"Just a generation ago, we believed the infinite oceans would simply take all we threw at them — pollution, waste, overfishing. But we can no longer take the world’s largest ecosystem for granted. Many marine and coastal zones are on the brink."

With the current unsustainable trajectory, they write, most of the world’s fisheries could collapse beyond recovery by the middle of the century and there will be more plastic in oceans than fish by weight in 2050 ah. However many of the drivers of ocean decline are reversible.

Rockström and Störe call for a stronger political leadership to set a global agenda for ocean health. The solutions will lead to greater long-term benefits for everyone.

Read the full op-ed here

Published: 2016-06-16

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