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Sustainable development goals

The SDGs wedding cake

A new way of viewing the Sustainable Development Goals and how they are all linked to food. Click on image to download EPS file. Credit: Azote for Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University (CC BY 4.0)

A new way of viewing the Sustainable Development Goals and how they are all linked to food


Speaking at the Stockholm EAT Food Forum 13 June 2016, former centre director Johan Rockström and board member Pavan Sukhdev pushed for a new way of viewing the economic, social and ecological aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

They argued that all the sustainable development goals are directly or indirectly connected to sustainable and healthy food. Watch their presentation below.

The illustration describes how economies and societies should be seen as embedded parts of the biosphere. This vision is a move away from the current sectorial approach where social, economic, and ecological development are seen as separate parts.

The illustration above is free to use under the Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).

Download the English version here (EPS).

An animation of the model has also been made and is free to download under the same license. Watch it here:

Translated versions

The illustatration and the animation of the SDGs wedding cake have also been translated into several languages and can be downloaded here (Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).

German: illustration (EPS) I animation

Credit: "Die Animation wurde von Azote für das Stockholm Zentrum für Resilienz erstellt."

French: illustration (EPS) I animation

Credit: "L’animation est réalisée par Azote pour le Stockholm Resilience Centre à l’Université de Stockholm."

Japanese: illustration (EPS) I animation

Credit: "動画はAzoteがストックホルム大学ストックホルム·レジリエンス·センターのために制作した。"

Portuguese: illustration (EPS) I animation

Credit: "Esta animação foi produzida por Azote para o Stockholm Resilience Centre na Universidade de Estocolmo."

Spanish: illustration (EPS) I animation

Credit: "La animación ha sido producida por Azote para el Centro de Resiliencia de Estocolmo"

Swedish: illustration (EPS) I animation

Credit: "Animationen är producerad av Azote för Stockholm Resilience Centre vid Stockholms universitet."


Watch Johan Rockström and Pavan Sukhdev demonstrate how food connects all the Sustainable Development Goals:

Published: 2016-06-14