The fourth international conference on resilience will take place in Stockholm 21-23 August 2017. Photo: J. Lokrantz/Azote

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Introducing Resilience 2017

Fourth triennial conference on resilience will take place in Stockholm 21-23 August 2017


In 2008 Stockholm Resilience Centre launched the first resilience conference in Stockholm together with Resilience Alliance and other partner organizations. Since then, conferences have also taken place in Arizona (2011) and Montpellier (2014).

The upcoming Resilience 2017 conference will discuss resilience as a key lens for biosphere-based sustainability science, reflect back on the scientific progress made and to set out exciting future directions. A main will be on the global sustainability challenges and opportunities influenced by the speed, scale and connectivity of the Anthropocene.

Resilience 2017 will bring together some 1000 participants from around the world, mainly academics but also participants with engagement in policy, practice and arts.

First call for abstract is scheduled to August, 2016.

More information about the conference will follow.

Published: 2016-05-13


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