The urban research theme at the Centre co-heads a feasibility study to establish a new hub for urban social-ecological research in Stockholm Photo: S. Zeff/Azote

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A new hub for urban research

Centre co-heads feasibility study to establish a new hub for urban social-ecological research in Stockholm

The urban research theme at Stockholm Resilience Centre is starting a new collaboration within Mistra Urban Futures toghether with the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, KTH School of Architecture and the City Planning office in Stockholm.

A feasibility study is currently being conducted in Stockholm, to investigate the possibility of creating a hub for research on social-ecological urban systems. The idea is that the hub will work to strengthen and complement research that is already being conducted in Manchester (UK), Kisumu (Kenya), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Cape Town (South Africa).

Centre and Beijer researchers Stephan Barthel and Johan Colding will be heading the pilot study together with Lars Marcus from KTH School of Architecture.

"Through the collaboration with Mistra Urban Futures we see many interesting opportunities opening up in our research field," says Stephan Barthel.

"We are hoping to be able to conduct new and exciting research based on co-creation of knowledge, engaging researchers as well as practitioners. This is a method that we have been working with for many years, and are very happy to be able to develop it further".

The collaborators at Mistra Urban Futures see great potential in the project:

"We welcome the initiative taken by our partners in Stockholm. Their expertise and international network play an important role in further strengthening Mistra Urban Futures and Sweden’s position within the urban research community globally," says David Simon, the new Director of Mistra Urban Futures.  

The activities in the feasibility study include finding a host department in Stockholm, as well as mapping and approaching potential partnership organizations in Stockholm and identifying pilot studies that can start in 2015.

About Mistra Urban Futures
Mistra Urban Futures is an international centre for sustainable urban development. The purpose of the centre is to "contribute towards making a real difference to the environment and to people's lives in the cities of the world".

Mistra Urban Futures offers an arena for the development and transmission of knowledge, in which cooperation with business, interest groups and the general public is developed. The centre has five regional platforms in Cape Town, Kisumu, Gothenburg, Manchester and Shanghai.

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