Book: The Sounds of Science -Orchestrating Stewardship in the Seafood Industry


The Sounds of Science provides a comprehensive account of a large-scale scientific experiment with globally operating seafood corporations headquartered in North America, Europe, and Asia. It describes how scientists worked to identify these, world’s largest seafood companies, and how their disproportionate powers were mobilized in a coalition of companies called SeaBOS (Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship), aiming to provide global and science-based industry leadership on ocean stewardship.

As invoked by the cover art (Flow, 2020) by world-renowned creative director, Kashiwa Sato, the experiment is creating a small wave of change that sits within a larger wave, supporting and generating larger movements towards improved stewardship of the planet. A new direction for the private sector is emerging, and new priorities are flourishing. The book explores how corporations, guided by science, can be part of the solution to the biosphere challenges.

Written in collaboration with international experts on sustainability, ocean ecosystems, fisheries policy, and corporations, this book explores the mechanisms leading to the evolution of cooperation, and the barriers to address in order to engage in collaborative learning, corporate change and novel science. It offers tangible advice to scientists on how to work with the private sector for a better, more sustainable world.

The Sounds of Science is an important resource for scientists interested in engaging with the private sector. Corporate leaders and policy makers will find this book useful for understanding, collaborating, and working with the planet to reach global sustainability goals.


Link to centre authors: Österblom, Henrik
Publication info: Österblom, H. (Ed.). (2023). The sounds of science: orchestrating stewardship in the seafood industry. Elsevier.


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