Human well-being in the Anthropocene: limits to growth


Transformation of the world towards sustainability in line with the 2030 Agenda requires progress on multiple dimensions of human well-being. We track development of relevant indicators for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1–7 against gross domestic product (GDP) per person in seven world regions and the world as a whole. Across the regions, we find uniform development patterns where SDGs 1–7 – and therefore main human needs – are achieved at around US$15,000 measured in 2011 US$ purchasing power parity (PPP).


Link to centre authors: Collste, David, Cornell, Sarah, Rockström, Johan
Publication info: Collste, D., Cornell, S.E., Randers, J., Rockström, J. & Stoknes, P.E. 2021. Human well-being in the Anthropocene: Limits to growth. Global Sustainability 4 e30, 1–9.

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