Nordic food system
transformation series (Insight Paper #3)


This third Insight Paper of the Nordic food system transformation series draws on the multi-stakeholder dialogues discussed in Insight Paper #1 to identify key barriers related to food system transformation in the Nordic countries. Insight Paper #3 looks at what it will take to overcome the barriers currently slowing down transformation to sustainable food systems in the Nordic region.

  • Insight paper #1 Pdf, 2.4 MB. provides an overview of the project ‘Towards sustainable Nordic food systems’.
  • Insight paper #2 Pdf, 4 MB., identifies eight entry points for action. It also highlights existing springboards for action on Nordic food system transformation, underscoring that the Nordics aren’t starting from scratch.
  • Insight Paper #3 Pdf, 2.7 MB. identify barriers to food system transformation and propose ways to overcome these barriers
  • Insight Paper #4 Pdf, 2.9 MB. explores the uncertainties associated with different food system futures.

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