Nordic food system transformation series (#2)


This second Insight Paper of the Nordic food system transformation series takes a Nordic perspective to food system challenges. Eight urgent food system challenges shared across Nordic countries are described that represent opportunities for regional collaboration. The benefits of Nordic collaboration on food systems are discussed, while acknowledging that not all food system issues are ‘Nordic’ in nature.

  • Insight paper #1 Pdf, 2.4 MB. provides an overview of the project ‘Towards sustainable Nordic food systems’.
  • Insight paper #2 Pdf, 4 MB., identifies eight entry points for action. It also highlights existing springboards for action on Nordic food system transformation, underscoring that the Nordics aren’t starting from scratch.
  • Insight Paper #3 Pdf, 2.7 MB. identify barriers to food system transformation and propose ways to overcome these barriers
  • Insight Paper #4 Pdf, 2.9 MB. explores the uncertainties associated with different food system futures.


Theme affiliation: Food
Link to centre authors: Gordon, Line, Wood, Amanda
Publication info: Wood A, Halloran A, Gordon L J.2020. Insight paper #2 of the Nordic food system transformation series: Eight opportunities for Nordic collaboration on food system challenges. Stockholm Resilience Centre; Stockholm

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