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Expert perspectives on global biodiversity loss and its drivers and impacts on people

Journal / article | 2022

Isbell, F., Balvanera, P., Mori, A., He, J., Bullock, J., Regmi, G., Seabloom, E., Ferrier, S., Sala, O., Guerrero‐Ramírez, N., Tavella, J., Larkin, D., Schmid, B., Outhwaite, C., Pramual, P., Borer, E., Loreau, M., Omotoriogun, T., Obura, D., Anderson, M., Portales‐Reyes, C., Kirkman, K., Vergara, P., Clark, A., Komatsu, K., Petchey, O., Weiskopf, S., Williams, L., Collins, S., Eisenhauer, N., Trisos, C., Renard, D., Wright, A., Tripathi, P., Cowles, J., Byrnes, J., Reich, P., Purvis, A., Sharip, Z., O’Connor, M., Kazanski, C., Haddad, N., Soto, E., Dee, L., Díaz, S., Zirbel, C., Avolio, M., Wang, S., Ma, Z., Liang, J., Farah, H., Johnson, J., Miller, B., Hautier, Y., Smith, M., Knops, J., Myers, B., Harmáčková, Z., Cortés, J., Harfoot, M., Gonzalez, A., Newbold, T., Oehri, J., Mazón, M., Dobbs, C., Palmer, M. 2022. Expert perspectives on global biodiversity loss and its drivers and impacts on people. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Despite substantial progress in understanding global biodiversity loss, major taxonomic and geographic knowledge gaps remain. Decision makers often rely on expert judgement to fill knowledge gaps, but are rarely able to engage with sufficiently large and diverse groups of specialists. To improve understanding of the perspectives of thousands of biodiversity experts worldwide, we conducted a survey and asked experts to focus on...