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Rethinking the relationships between rural areas and cities

2009-03-03 - 2009-03-03

Dr. Ismael Vaccaro, Tuesday March 3, 2009, 14.00 - 15.00.

During the last fifty years the rural areas of the Western world have experienced
an intense process of depopulation and economic collapse. This situation has had important consequences on the landscape ecology of mountains and valleys at the periphery of our societies.

In this talk, using a case study from the Spanish Pyrenees, Vaccaro delves into the historical reasons that precipitated the rural collapse and explores the emergence of new social and economic opportunities related to the consolidation of leisure as a key economic sector of Western societies.

This new emphasis on leisure, materialized by, for instance, ski resorts, golf courts or protected areas, is resulting in two models of tourism: mass tourism and ecotourism. The impacts of these two models on social and ecological sustainability are quite different.

Finally, the situation of the Western rural areas encapsulates important lessons on landscape management that can be exported to other locales across the globe.

About Dr. Ismael Vaccaro
Dr. Vaccaro is interested in unveiling the social variables that, across history, influence landscape dynamics and connects them to their ecological consequences. He addresses the impact of settlement patterns, property regimes, productive practices, and institutional management.

In his work, Vaccaro highlights the need to combine social and natural sciences to fully understand and manage any given landscape. In addition, Vaccaro´s research aims to understand the impact of conservation policies on local communities and their access to natural resources.

Time and place

Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 14.00—15.00

Linné Hall, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences,
Lilla Frescativägen 4, Stockholm


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