Dr Louis Lebel on Harnessing Science for Sustainability in Transitional Economies

2003-03-19 - 2003-03-19

Dr Louis Lebel will on March 19, 2003, hold the seminar "Harnessing Science for Sustainability in Transitional Economies: Changing Science of Society?"

Areas of rapid economic growth and socio-political re-organization pose a special set of challenges for sustainable development. Process of change which many developed countries experienced sequentially over a century or more, are compressed in time, left unfinished, and strikingly juxtaposed.

Under and over-consumption problems exist side-by-side, and public institutions often lag way behind private sector initiatives and actions. The challenges are acute for sustaining the livelihoods of the poor and politically marginalized. For them many of the new, and even the older, linkages are out of their control.

New state systems of governance and knowledge often don´t fit each other or their corresponding local systems. In this context, building and maintaining adaptive capacity of communities to self-organize, manage their resource and adjust their livelihoods is crucial.

In this talk he will highlight emerging theories from the study of linked social-ecological systems undergoing re-organization and illustrate their value and shortcomings with examples from the uplands, coastal zone and urban development in Thailand and Vietnam.

About Dr. Lebel
Dr. Louis Lebel is a research affiliate of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Director of the Unit for Social and Environmental Research (USER) at Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

He is also the Science Coordinator for Southeast Asia for START. Current research interests include: shrimp aquaculture, sustainable livelihoods of upland farmers, resilience, institutional interplay, social networks.

Time and place

Time: 14:00-15:00, Wednesday 19 March, 2003

Place: Linné Hall, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Lilla Frescativägen 4, Stockholm


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