PhD Candidate

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Profile summary

  • Futures Studies
  • Urban biodiversity
  • Modelling and quantitative analysis
  • Science communication
  • Website and database maintenance

Liam Carpenter-Urquhart is dedicated to creating better futures using rigorous analysis and imaginative approaches

Carpenter-Urquhart holds a dual degree in Physics and Literary Arts from Brown University in the United States. His degree thesis, Tinnitus and Other Apologies, earned him Honors in Creative Writing for its multifaceted study of blackness in the United States.

Professionally, Carpenter-Urquhart’s experience is eclectic. He has experience running ocean circulation models, providing technical support to healthcare organizations, and operating power plants, among other things.

Awards and achievements

  • Jack Kent Cooke Scholar
  • Preston Gurney Prize for Literary Criticism
  • U.S. National Achievement Scholar (2015)

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