Data analyst

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Profile summary

  • Data analysis & visualization
  • Baltic Sea science
  • Coastal and marine ecosystem services
  • Environmental data management
  • Marine resources assessment/management

Eleanore Campbell is a data analyst working on the Ocean Health Index for the Baltic Sea

Interests inmarine conservation and using data science/open science to support shifts in management for more resilient socio-ecological systems led Campbell to SRC to work on the Baltic Health Index, a regional application of the Ocean Health Index (OHI) framework. The BHI aims to synthesize a variety of environmental and social/governance datasets to produce metrics reflecting current and likely near-future condition of benefits the Baltic Sea provides. As a data analyst and scientific programmer on the Baltic Health Index project, Campbell writes code to tailor the OHI framework to the Baltic Sea, manage datasets behind the models, and support investigation of patterns or interactions.

Campbell holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics from Colorado College.