Global Resilience Partnership

Photo: A. Maslennikov/Azote

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) is an inclusive and diverse Partnership of organisation joining forces towards a world where vulnerable people and places are able to thrive in the face of shocks, uncertainty and change

GRP is funded by USAID, Sida, FCDO, and the Canadian government and is hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. The Partnership believes that resilience underpins the achievement of sustainable development in a rapidly changing world.

GRP uses resilience to understand the drivers and impacts of complex issues to help communities, governments, the private sector, and development and humanitarian organizations ask different questions about the problems they are facing, thereby highlighting novel solutions. It is founded on knowledge excellence, inclusive decision making and a commitment to finding new ways of dealing with intractable issues.

GRP achieves collective impact by adding value to the work of its individual partners through innovation and scaling, shared learning, convening diverse voices, and advancing knowledge. GRP is organised across these four interlinked “value additions":

1. Innovate & scale

There is a need for a safe space to test and scale disruptive and bold ideas. GRP surfaces and tests resilience innovations and incubates new ideas by designing and running innovation challenges and supporting peer-to-peer learning on innovation.

2. Share & learn

GRP synthesises and profiles the latest resilience knowledge on practice, promotes peer-to-peer learning, and ensures that knowledge is accessible. To do so, GRP harnesses the best expertise, experience and evidence on resilience to accelerate learning across institutions, practitioners, and geographies.

3. Convene diverse voices

GRP works to build a diverse movement of organisations that is able to raise the ambition on resilience and increase investments where it is needed the most. This includes ensuring that those at the frontline of development challenges play a leading role in this endeavour.

4. Advance knowledge

GRP collaborates to advance knowledge and insights about the role of resilience in achieving long-term human well-being in a more turbulent and uncertain world.

From 2014 to 2017, the GRP Secretariat was hosted by KPMG in Nairobi, Kenya. In September 2017, SRC took over as the new host of the GRP Secretariat.

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