Internal environmental policy

Stockholm Resilience Centre adheres to several policies and routines in order to improve its environmental and social impact

The mission of Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) is to advance research for governance and management of social-ecological systems to secure ecosystem services for human wellbeing and resilience for long-term sustainability.

This means that SRC employees strive to "walk the talk" and apply this thinking not only in their work but also outside work.

The centre has always been engaged in improving the organization’s ecological footprint on different levels. As from August 2014 the centre is ISO 14001 certified and continuously looks to improve its environmental performance.

The environmental objectives and action plan takes into account the overall environmental policy of Stockholm university and other requirements to which the organization adheres.

Purchasing and procurement
Our principle and procedure for purchasing and procurement is primarily to reuse. In case we need to buy something new we choose the option which offers most benefits in terms of environmental, social, work and financial aspects. Specifically, a product's ability to be recycled in the system is an important aspect.

We encourage options and choose products and services we believe are better. That is why we work hard to improve procurement routines so that environmental and social aspects are better taken into consideration.

Various measures have been taken to reduce energy consumption. Virtually all lighting fixtures have been replaced with low energy alternatives. Motion sensors are installed in the most common spaces. IT products have been reviewed and the most energy efficient ones are prioritized.

Domestically we travel primarily by train. This also includes travel to nearby cities outside Sweden. All travel that requires flying should be justified. We register our air travel in the Carbon Tracker system to better get an overview of our travel habits (individually and as a group) and to be able to set clearer targets for reduced emissions. Employees at Stockholm University are currently not able to compensate for their air travel using public funds.

We do not handle chemicals within the scope of our business activities and research. Any chemicals used for cleaning the rooms and the kitchen are eco-labeled cleaning products.

Office supplies and recycling
We only use eco-labeled office supplies in our operations. Almost all waste such as food, paper, plastic and metals is systematically recycled.


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