Introducing the Blue Food Assessment

Story highlights

  • Global demand for blue foods will roughly double by 2050
  • Blue foods were found to rank more highly than terrestrial animal-source foods
  • Further investments to improve the sector’s efficiency and reduce its environmental footprint can have sector-wide benefits

An introdcution to the opportunities, tradeoffs and solutions for building healthy, equitable and sustainable food systems

The Blue Food Assessment (BFA) is an international joint initiative bringing together over 100 scientists from more than 25 institutions. Led by the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stanford University, and EAT, the BFA supports decision-makers in evaluating trade-offs and implementing solutions to build healthy, equitable and sustainable food systems.

This video is presented by the assessment's Co-Chairs, Dr. Beatrice Crona, Deputy Director and Associate Professor in Systems Ecology and Sustainable Science at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and Rosamond Naylor, William Wrigley Professor in Earth Systems Science at Stanford University, and the founding director of the Stanford Center on Food Security and the Environment.