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Örjan Bodin new professor in Environmental Sciences

Örjan Bodin is the fifth centre researcher to recently have been appointed professor at Stockholm University.

Appointment adds to an increasing list of centre researchers being acknowledged for their work

Story highlights

  • Appointment was official in July 2022
  • Bodin looks at how and why different actors collaborate, and what outcomes these collaborations can lead to
  • Centre colleagues Magnus Nyström, Line Gordon, Beatrice Crona and Maja Schlüter have also recently been appointed

Centre researcher Örjan Bodin was in July 2022 appointed professor at Stockholm University in Environmental Sciences with emphasis on modelling of social-ecological systems.

He is delighted with the new professorship and look forward to continue his work within environmental governance. Bodin combines a variety of methods and theories to study how and why different actors collaborate, and what environmental and social outcomes these collaborations can lead to.

Current projects involve gathering extensive empirical data from several locations in Sweden and German. The purpose is to assess the risk of being exposed to hazardous events such as droughts and wildfires, but also to investigate possible barriers making it difficult for land owners to invest in more environmentally friendly land uses.

“The data will help us to better understand how different risks are experienced by different actors and in what ways they interact with certain components of the natural environment,” Bodin explains.

Important contributions

Centre science director Henrik Österblom is proud to see another centre researcher being acknowledged for their important work. Earlier in 2022, Magnus Nyström was appointed professor in environmental science.

This follows similar appointments in 2021 of Line Gordon and Beatrice Crona and Maja Schlüter in late 2020.

Österblom higlights Bodin's important contributions to sustainability science:

Örjan's unique exploration of social networks and social-ecological interconnectivity has generated important conceptual and methodological advances that are critical for understanding resilience and systems change.

Henrik Österblom

Research background

Bodin holds an MSc in Physics and a PhD in Systems Ecology/Natural Resource Management. Prior to his academic engagement, Bodin was working in the telecommunication and IT industries for nearly a decade.

He has published in both natural and social science journals, and has been engaged (in addition to several theoretically oriented studies) in case studies of small-scale fisheries in east Africa, water governance in and across Sweden, high sea fishery in the Southern Ocean, agriculture in southern Madagascar, and regional land use management in Stockholm, Sweden.

He is also contributing to the development of new tools and methods for improved green area spatial planning in urban areas, with a geographical focus on Stockholm County.

Published: 2022-08-17

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