Education coordinator & research assistant

+46 8 674 77 17



Profile summary

  • Data gathering
  • Analytics
  • Synthethis
  • Education coodination
  • Project mangagement
  • Course leadership

Cornelia Ludwig works as education coordinator and research assistant at the centre

As a research assistant, Ludwig provides scientific support for ongoing research projects through writing synthesis documents, gathering of data, and conducting analyses. Her focus lies on the Anthropocene, particularly within the marine sector.

In her role as education coordinator she works with teachers, students, and administrative staff to ensure smooth running of undergraduate, graduate, and PhD level courses. In addition to course administration, she is also involved in further development of educational structures and initiatives at the centre.

She has a BSc in molecular biology, as well as a PhD in structural biochemistry. Before joining the SRC, Ludwig worked as a post-doc in translational biology.

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