Doing a PhD after several years outside academia




Jennifer Hinton reflects on returning to university life after spending eight years outside academia

Doing a PhD can be a big step towards a career in science. But how is to embark on a PhD after many years outside of the academic world?

Today we will talk to Jennifer Hinton who in 2021 graduated as a PhD student from Stockholm Resilience Centre.

How did she feel about going back? Was it difficult, and could it even be an advantage not do a PhD straight after your masters?

About Jennifer Hinton

Jennifer Hinton's research focuses on the effects of different business structures on global sustainability challenges such as pollution, resource use, and inequality. Her work explores the relationships between core aspects of common business structures (including ownership, legal purpose, and profit-orientation) and global sustainability challenges.

About "Life in science"

In this video series we sit down with recently graduated PhD researchers and talk about their experiences and, the life that comes after.

The interviews provide both current and prospective PhD students with a glimpse into life as an early career researcher and the various challenges and opportunities that come with it.

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