Doing a PhD abroad




Interview with Luigi Piemontese about the intercultural and practical challenges doing your PhD abroad

Doing a PhD is not just the first, serious step into academia. It can also be the start of an international career.

In this video we talk to Luigi Piemontese who moved from Italy to Sweden to his PhD.

How did he experience the new life and what advise does he have for those considering doing a PhD abroad?

About Luigi Piemontese

Piemontese's research focuses on freshwater consumption calculation in the framework of the Planetary Boundaries.

His research aims to improve the estimation of freshwater consumption from various land and water use and exploring potential sustainable pathways of agriculture in the future.

His intention is to propose a holistic approach to face the environmental challenges addressed by the Planetary Boundaries framework, investigating the effect of alternative agricultural systems on the ecosystem from a hydrological perspective.

About "Life in science"

In this video series we sit down with recently graduated PhD researchers and talk about their experiences and, the life that comes after.

The interviews provide both current and prospective PhD students with a glimpse into life as an early career researcher and the various challenges and opportunities that come with it.

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