PhD candidate




Profile summary

  • Sustainability transformations
  • Theories of change
  • Assemblage theory
  • Agential realism
  • Crisis
  • Process-relational philosophy

Sasha Quahe’s research explores sustainability transformation and crisis, using process-relational philosophy to provide a different perspective

Sasha Quahe’s research explores different philosophical groundings for studying how change happens in social-ecological systems. Her research aims to better understand processes of sustainability transformation, especially the role of that crises play in triggering or inhibiting positive transformations. She is particularly focusing on the potential of process-relational philosophical perspectives to better understand the topic. The research aims to both contribute to theoretical understanding of complex social-ecological dynamics and support real-world change for sustainability.

Quahe’s PhD research is situated in the TransMod Project, which aims to build models of, with and for sustainability transformations, and is funded by the European Research Council (ERC). She is also part of the SES-LINK team, which explores interactions in social-ecological systems.

Quahe has previously worked with research on translating Planetary Boundaries science to a business context, with a focus on improving monitoring of primary sectors’ environmental impacts. Her other work has addressed plural valuation of nature using the Nature Futures Framework, and the representation of seaweed as a climate ‘solution’.

During her Bachelor’s degree, she studied Political Science, International Relations and Economics at the University of Western Australia. Her focus area was climate and energy policy in the EU. During her Master’s degree at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, she moved into the field of sustainability science and focused on social-ecological systems, resilience thinking and planetary boundaries. Her thesis work, supervised by Sarah Cornell and Simon West, analysed framings of ‘science-based targets’ as an ostensibly transformative tool bridging science and the private sector.


Main supervisor: Maja Sclüter
Co-supervisor: Tilman Hertz
Co-supervisor: Per Olsson

Key publications

Quahe, S., Cornell, S.E. & West, S. (2023). Framing Science-Based Targets: Reformist and Radical Discourses in an Earth System Governance Initiative. Earth System Governance, 18, 100196.

West, S., Boonstra, W. & Quahe, S. (2024). Theorizing the “Anthropos” in the Anthropocene: Toward Decolonial Practices and Knowledge Co-production. In Sherren, K., Thondhlana, G. & Jackson-Smith, D. (Eds.). Opening Windows: Embracing New Perspectives and Practices in Natural Resource Social Sciences. Utah State University Press.

Wassénius, E., Crona, B., & Quahe, S. (2024). Essential Environmental Impact Variables: A Means for Transparent Corporate Sustainability Reporting Aligned with Planetary Boundaries. One Earth 7(2), 211–25.

Troell, M., Henriksson, P. J. G., Buschmann, A. H., Chopin, T., & Quahe, S. (2023). Farming the Ocean – Seaweeds as a Quick Fix for the Climate? Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture, 31(3), 285–295.