Research assistant



Profile summary

  • Food systems
  • System dynamics
  • Semi-quantitative modelling
  • Scenario analysis
  • Scenario modelling

Hanna Rut Carlsson is interested in system dynamics in food systems and works with scenario analysis through semi-quantitative modelling

As a reseach assistant in the Mistra Food Futures project, Carlsson works along a large trans-disciplinary team to enable transformation of the Swedish food system. Carlsson’s work is primarily focused on system dynamics and competing transformational narratives. In her current work, she uses a semi-quantitative modelling tool – Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping – to analyse scenarios for sustainable Swedish food futures. She is also interested in trade-offs and synergies between different food system goals, such as preparedness, profitability, and sustainability.

Carlsson holds a Master’s degree in Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and a Bacherlor’s degree in Natural Resource Management from Copenhagen University. She has specialised in food systems throughout her inter-disciplinary studies, taking a special interest in food system discourse and system dynamics.

Before her time at the Centre, Carlsson worked for sustainability organisations in Argentina, Denmark, and Sweden. Most recently, she has engaged in food system projects with Albaeco and the Food Planet Prize.

Beside her academic work, Carlsson is passionate about literature and creative writing. Her debut novel, “Sista hösten i Legoland”, was published by Norstedts in 2019.