Nicolaidis Lindqvist



+46 (0)76 762 66 99


Profile summary

  • Integrated assessment
  • Water Resources Management
  • Participatory modelling
  • System dynamics
  • Systems thinking

Nicolaidis Lindqvist’s research focuses on the dynamics of coupled human and natural systems and how model-based approaches can support sustainable management at local to global scales.

Nicolaidis Lindqvist works as a part-time researcher at SRC where he is primarily engaged in the project “WorldTrans – Transparent Assessment for real people” funded by Horizon Europe. In WorldTrans, Nicolaidis Lindqvist is working on developing novel approaches to assess and improve the usefulness of global Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) from different user perspectives. This work supports the design and development of FRIDA, a feedback-rich World-Earth model based on the system dynamics modelling paradigm, where Nicolaidis Lindqvist is also involved in developing the water and land-use sectors of the model.

Nicolaidis Lindqvist holds a PhD degree in Technology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). His PhD thesis focused on model-based approaches to sustainable management of Coupled Human and Natural Systems (CHANS) with a special emphasis on water resources. He holds a MSc in Environmental Science and a BSc in Biology from Lund University.

Nicolaidis Lindqvist works part-time as a researcher at RISE (Research institutes of Sweden) and the Department of Energy and Resources where he has been involved in multiple research projects supporting municipal water and energy resource planning. He also leads the internal research initiative on system dynamics and systems thinking.

Nicolaidis Lindqvist is an active member of the System Dynamics Society and an active member of the system dynamics community in the Nordic countries. He is also a member of the Climate Alliance Skåne Northeast - a business and network organization for accelerating local-level sustainable development initiatives.

Nicolaidis Lindqvist is co-supervisor of PhD candidate Elin Wallin at Mälardalen University.