Postdoctoral researcher (Centre affiliate)

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Profile summary

  • Collaborative governance
  • Environmental decision-making
  • Governance effectiveness
  • Social-ecological networks
  • Statistical network methods
  • Mental models

Angela Guerrero's research focuses on collaborative environmental governance

In her work, Guerrero applies methods from multiple disciplines,primarily from the social sciences but also from ecology and decision science, to tackle environmental problems. Her key interest is on the processes, structures and dynamics that drive environmental and social outcomes.

Guerrero’s research approach is underpinned by systems thinking. Her interdisciplinary training allows her to understand environmental problems as complex systems of interactions between humans and nature, and to analyse these interactions using network models. She uses this approach to study important questions such as the factors that drive performance in collaborative governance approaches to wildfire management, or the collaborative network structures influencing the effectiveness of large-scale conservation programs.

Guerrero works on multiple projects in the areas of governance, collaboration and organisational networks, food system sustainability and stakeholder values and perspectives in environmental decision making.

Guerrero started her career as an engineer before embarking into environmental management and conservation. She has a PhD in Conservation Science and Masters degrees in Environmental Management and International Business. Guerrero also has significant experience working in government and industry sectors in the areas of business strategy, international trade and supply chain management.

Prior to her position in the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Guerrero worked at the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, and the Luc Hoffman Institute. She also holds an honorary postdoctoral position at the University of Bristol.

Publications by Guerrero, Angela