Programme Officer Global Resilience Partnership



Profile summary

  • Food systems
  • Sustainable Development
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Resilience Thinking
  • Agrobiodiversity
  • Gastronomic Landscapes
  • Food crises

Amanda Jonsson works with equitable food systems with a specfic focus on gastronomic landscapes and food crisis interactions.

Funded by the IKEA Foundation, Jonsson's work at the Stockholm Resilience Centre focuses on understanding food system transformations towards resilient and equitable food systems through the lenses of gastronomy and equity. Jonsson’s work centers around two main projects. The first project explores the concept of gastronomic landscapes, linking the daily art of eating to biosphere stewardship. The second project is focused on the current food crisis. The work sheds light on the interplay of food security, climate change, and conflicts, and aims to develop strategies for understanding and addressing these challenges.

Before starting her position at the centre, Jonsson studied Sustainable Development at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Science. The focus of her master's thesis was on ancient cereals in Sweden and how the taste of history and geographical location can play part in a sustainable food production. Jonsson conducted her bachelor's degree in Meal Ecology at Örebro University and the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science. Prior to her academic studies she worked in restaurants and the food retail industry.

She has served as a student representative at the Meal Ecology program board, and worked as a research assistant in sensory science at the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science. Through her consultancy firm, Jonsson has worked with among others the Food Planet Prize, Albaeco, and The Taste Lab in projects relating to sensory consumer science, food system transformations, and sustainability.

Awards and achievements

  • The Food Science Summer Scholarship Program, Cornell University
  • Måltidsekologiska Stipendiet for engagement in the study program and academic merits, Örebro University