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PhD candidate

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Profile summary

  • Multiregional input-output
  • Biodiversity Land use and cover
  • Agricultural-Biodiversity-Land use and cover nexus
  • Industrial ecology
  • Socio-economic metabolism

Daniel Avila-Ortega researches the economics of Planetary Boundaries

Avila-Ortega's research aims at further expanding the knowledge around Planetary Boundaries, adding the economic layer to it. The general idea is to assess how and to what extent biodiversity relates to land use and cover, water, and climate change paying special attention to the economic contribution and impacts around different Planetary Boundaries.

With his supervisors, he aims at geographically downscaling the Economics of Planetary Boundaries to further advance policy-decision making processes for Science-Based target setting.

Avila-Ortega holds a joint Master in Science in Industrial Ecology from Leiden University and TU Delft, from the Netherlands. He has also a Postgraduate Certification on Forest Carbon Science, Policy and Management from Michigan State University from the United States. He holds a Bachelor’s degree on Industrial Engineering from the National Polytechnique Institute from Mexico.

He has worked for various private consultancies around the world on climate change, decarbonization scenarios, Science-Based Targets, renewable energy, oil & gas sector, impact assessments, forestry and agri-food chain assessments.

He has collaborated to various worldwide assessments on Circular Economy, and largely contributed to deep-decarbonization scenarios and pathways for big corporations.

Avila-Ortega co-founded the Mexican Center of Industrial Ecology to bring science-based consultancy to Mexico and better embed sustainability decisions into public policies.

Before joining SRC he was helping smalls farmers and producers in Mexico to advance their sustainability practices. With some colleagues and friends, he continues to produce honey in Mexico, and invest in renewable energies.

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