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Profile summary

  • Ecosystem services
  • Ecosystem service bundles
  • Urban landscapes
  • Resilience
  • Complex social-ecological systems

Megan Meacham’s research focuses on ecosystem services and the role of urbanization in the Anthropocene

Meacham is a postdoctoral fellow under the Wallenberg Foundation Research Exchange program on Natural Capital, Resilience and Biosphere Stewardship, which is jointly hosted by Stanford University and the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Her research focuses on the actors, flows and dynamics of urbanization. She uses food and other ecosystem services to study quantitative and qualitative linkages between cities and their support systems.

Additionally, Meacham is the research coordinator for the Wallenberg foundation research exchange program. She is also the course leader and lecture for the course Ecosystem Service Assessments, a 4-credit course at Stockholm University.

As a PhD candidate, Meacham used the ecosystem service bundle concept to describe social-ecological landscapes within Sweden. She explored how social, geographic and ecological dynamics relate to ecosystem service bundles. She advanced the ecosystem service bundle approach by testing accessible data, feasible methods and expanding comparability with other assessments.

Meacham was previously a coordinator for the Program for Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS) within Future Earth. She is still a member of PECS and collaborates with several other international projects.

Publications by Meacham, Megan