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  • Biological diversity
  • Ecosystem services
  • Emerging technologies
  • Algorithms
  • Popular science communication

Fredrik Moberg is a senior communications advisor and researcher

Moberg holds a PhD in natural resources management from the Department of Systems Ecology at Stockholm University, with emphasis on coral reef ecology. Today his research deals with biological diversity, ecosystem services and resilience of social-ecological systems, including the influence of emerging technologies and algorithms on large-scale environmental change. Read his Google Scholar profile here

Among his publications are articles in journals including Ecosystems; Trends in Ecology and Evolution; Ecological Economics; Public Administration; Nature Communications; Ambio; Marine Ecology Progress Series; and others.

As a senior communications advisor, Moberg has been involved in numerous high profile communications projects since the start of the centre, including popular science books, websites, documentaries, Virtual Reality productions, podcasts, exhibitions, conferences, and concerts.

He has co-designed and helped deliver a number of education and leadership programmes, for example the Stockholm Resilience Centre’s LEAD programme on "Exponential Technologies, Resilience Thinking and Entrepreneurship", as well as the BALTICLEAD programme – both designed for systems entrepreneurship and transformations to sustainability in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe. Another example is the centre's Executive Programme "Transformative business leadership for a prosperous planet", designed to help companies identify new business opportunities, define priorities, and accelerate action.

In 2015 Moberg co-founded "The Biosphere Code" together with Victor Galaz. It is an initiative to better understand and govern the way algorithms shape our biosphere.  One of the outcomes of the initiative is a manifesto with seven principles for algorithms and sustainability published in The Guardian and on

Moberg has also been involved in a range of collaborations among scientists, policy makers, artists, businesses, and the public. For example, Moberg is the co-founder of Coral Guardians, which serves as an innovation space for combining science, music, policy, and practice. He was the co-founder of SHIFT, an accelerator for start-ups, sustainability innovations and social-ecological entrepreneurship.

Having a strong engagement in bringing the science outside academia for the benefit of society, Moberg co-founded Albaeco  in 1998, while working on his PhD. Today he is the co-director of the independent organisation communicating the latest in sustainability science with a focus on nature's importance to society and its economy. Albaeco and Stockholm Resilience Centre collaborate closely on communications.

Moberg has more than 20 years experience in popular science communication including lectures, reports, book chapters, newsletters, websites, newspaper articles and radio spots.

He is also an advisor in the fields of sustainable innovation and sustainable business strategies; member of the strategic council of RE:Source (Sweden’s leading research and innovation investment within the resource and waste area); and member of the Adjudication Committee for the Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize.

Working with the young generation on water related sustainability issues, Moberg chaired the international jury of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize between 2011–2016.

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