SERSD student 2022-2024


Profile summary

  • Climate adaptation
  • Loss and damage
  • Justice
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Frames of sustainability

Tilde Krusberg is a MSc student at the Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development programme, whose primary interest is climate change

Krusberg's main interest lies in how issues of justice are intertwined with local sociopolitical and biophysical dynamics in the context of current climate change. Furthermore, she’s interested in how frames of sustainability affect how climate change and climate impact is thought about and acted upon across scales. This manifests in her focusing her studies on Nature-based climate adaptation and Loss and Damage.

Krusberg has a background in environmental science, with a BSc from Linköping University. There, she did her bachelor’s thesis on mangrove forestry as Nature-based climate adaptation in a remote island in the char area of southern Bangladesh. The thesis can be accessed through DiVA. She is also currently finishing her BA in the history of ideas. 

Krusberg is currently working with sustainable economic development with Sweden's national coordinator for the 2030 Agenda. She has previously briefly worked with Sweden's Society for Nature Conservation and the International Negotiations Survey at Linköping University.

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