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Current vacancies available at the centre

PhD student in sustainability science

The PhD student will explore the role of financial actors, instruments and flows on the biosphere. It is part of a new project of a 4-year Mistra-funded research program (2016–2019) “Putting Financial Systems to Work for Sustainability”. The student will be employed at the Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere (GEDB), a five-year Academy research programme at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, but be formally admitted to the PhD program in Sustainability Science through the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC).

Application deadline is 30 April 2016.

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PhD student in sustainability science

The student will use climatic observations of runoff, precipitation, temperature and other climatic parameters to calculate evapotranspiration by water balance and determine freshwater consumption from land- and water-uses from human sectors such as that of non-irrigated agriculture. The student will also use the Dynamic Global Vegetation Model LPJmL ("Lund-Potsdam-Jena managed Land") for comparisons of research outputs of freshwater consumption. The study will be carried in different basins around the world, focusing specially in basins with good data availability, high agricultural activity and location in the tropics.

Application deadline is 2 May 2016

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Post-Doctoral Fellowship on Global Economic Dynamics and Environmental Sustainability

The Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere Program (GEDB) is hiring one (possibly two) Post-Doctoral Fellow(s) to develop our work to understand how various aspects of the global economy are driving and affecting social-ecological dynamics across multiple scales. Possible avenues for exploration include the role of finance in driving patterns of global environmental change, material use and its links to sustainable development, or food production and trade. However, we are open to other research foci and therefore ask all applicants to include a brief research proposal (max 1 A4) outlining the ideas you would like to pursue during the fellowship and how it will contribute to the overarching goal of the program as outlined above. GEDB works in close collaboration with the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics and the Stockholm Resilience Centre and there will be ample opportunities for accepted fellows to collaborate with researchers from these organizations and partake in their activities and networks.

Application deadline is 31 May 2016

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We announce PhD positions four times per year. The announcement dates 2016 are: 

1 March – 1 April
2 April - 2 May
1 September – 1 October
20 October - 20 November

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