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Current vacancies available at the centre

Chief Executive Officer to the Global Resilience Partnership

The Stockholm Resilience Centre is currently seeking an individual for the position of Chief Executive Officer within the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP). The GRP has set out to achieve two main aims for their organisation. Firstly, to identify and facilitate activities with the transformative potential to enhance the resilience of people and the planet to achieve the SDGs. Secondly, to help build a global knowledge forum that informs and supports institutional, policy and business actors in applying resilience in order to reshape the Development and Humanitarian sector. The successful candidate for this role will be responsible for coordinating and establishing intellectual bridges and collaboration among GRP’s partner organisations in developing as well as developed countries, including relevant academic, policy, and practice organisations in both the public and private sphere.

Application date 31 January 2018. Read more and apply here

PhD student in Sustainability Science

The SRC aims to foster new generations of researchers and academic leaders through our Resilience Research School. The position will be associated with the ERC project MuSES - Towards middle-range theories of the co-evolutionary dynamics of multi-level social-ecological systems, with a focus on the study of cross-scale dynamics in small-scale fishery and agricultural systems. The position will focus on analyzing the role of networks of traders at local and regional scales for the resilience and governance of small scale fisheries in Mexico and small-holder agriculture in Africa or Latin America. The student must be interested in and capable of eliciting, synthesizing, and formalizing available social and natural science knowledge from the case studies as well as relevant theory to inform a social-ecological model that can be used to explore the consequences for SES outcomes of different assumptions about social-ecological interactions within and across scales.

Application date 23 January 2018. Read more and apply here

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We announce PhD positions four times per year. The announcement dates 2018 are: 

2-23 January – 23
2- 23 April
27 August – 17 September
15 October - 5 November

Read more about our PhD programme here


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