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The main focus of Cibele's research is on ecosystem services and biodiversity in landscapes currently under land-use change


In particular, Cibele studies the measurement and mapping of ecosystem services and functional diversity and the use of social-ecological traits as a tool for assessing multiple ecosystem services. She is currently conducting a mapping and assessment of ecosystem services in the Norström basin in Sweden.

In her Ph.D studies Cibele studied agricultural landscapes and how these can be managed for biodiversity and ecosystem services. She was particularly studying the abandonment of farming practices as a driver of biodiversity change and how different indicators such as species richness, functional diversity and ecosystem services respond to such abandonment trends. Although her main focus was on European landscapes (particularly Serra da Peneda, a mountain area in Northwest Portugal), she also assessed impacts of abandonment on biodiversity in a global context.

Theme affiliation: Landscapes


Publications by Queiroz, Cibele

Queiroz, Cibele

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