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Daniel is a PhD candidate studying how rural landscapes and livelihoods change in the context of increasing global connectivity and urbanization

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  • Land use change
  • Forest transition
  • Rural out-migration
  • Structural transformations
  • Latin America
  • Mixed-methods approach

Daniel’s work focuses on migration from rural to urban areas, and the shift away from agricultural jobs and towards industrial and service sector jobs. This trend in recent decades has raised millions of households out of poverty in the developing world, and in many cases also leading to substantial forest regrowth in abandoned marginal farmlands. However, this macro-level pattern, known as the ‘forest transition’, is by no means the expression of a fixed law. Rather, results from place-based research remain mixed and countervailing, reflecting the fact that the micro-level interactions underlying this phenomenon are not yet fully understood.

In this PhD project, jointly based at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, with Garry Peterson and Anne-Sophie Crépin as supervisors, Daniel is working to identify the conditions under which rural out-migration can lead to forest regrowth, in the Latin American context. This PhD project is framed by a broader interest in understanding how long term patterns of structural change associated with economic development relate with similarly large shifts in the patterns of socio-ecological interactions.

Daniel holds an MSc degree in 'Ecosystems, Resilience and Governance' from Stockholm University. His Master's thesis focused on signatures of alternate regimes on global cropland cover data, under the supervision of Garry Peterson and Oonsie Biggs. He obtained his BSc degree from the School of Environmental and Rural Studies at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, from his native country, Colombia. He has worked at research institutes, both in Colombia and in Sweden, in topics ranging from valuation of ecosystem services, institutional analysis in the contexts of common-pool resource management, and analysis of socio-environmental conflicts, among other projects.

Currently, Daniel is the vice-chair of the PhD Student Council at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and is the PhD student representative on the Stockholm Resilience Centre's Board.

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Ospina Medina, Daniel
Ospina Medina, Daniel
Ospina Medina, Daniel

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