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Lan Wang-Erlandsson is a PhD student who looks at how large-scale modifications in land-use and evaporation may affect downwind precipitation through the process known as moisture recycling

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  • Moisture recycling
  • Land-use change
  • Global hydrological modelling
  • Land-atmosphere feedback
  • Water resources

Lan started her PhD research in July 2012. She is particularly interested in the hydrological-atmospheric feedbacks resulting from changes in agricultural and forested land.

The models Lan primarily uses in her work include a global hydrological model STEAM that she developed (Wang-Erlandsson et al., 2014), and the moisture recycling model Water Accounting Model (WAM) (Van der Ent et al. 2010). Her research is supervised by Professor Hubert Savenije at Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), and Dr. Line Gordon and Professor Johan Rockström at Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Lan received her MSc degree in Civil Engineering and Natural Resources Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden) in 2009. Prior to joining the centre, Lan completed an internship at Stockholm Environment Institute, and worked as an environmental consultant in Sweden.

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Wang-Erlandsson, Lan

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Wang-Erlandsson, Lan

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